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If you have a really good memory at Hotel Luci di la Muntagna why not to share it? To thank you we have prepared some fantastic rewards! In order to win them, all you need is to follow three simple steps.

How to win?

STEP 1 . Share your picture or video at our hotel

STEP 2 . Tag it #lucidilamuntagna and put Luci di la Muntagna as location

STEP 3 . Most liked three will win

Prize 1
A free weekender at Luci di la Muntagna
Prize 2
A bottle of sparkling wine by the pool
Luci di la Muntagna Win
Prize 3
Winners will be announced on July, 15th 2022

This offer is subject to terms and conditions. 

As detailed in this agreement, the promoter agrees to provide the rewards to the winners who scored most likes on their post containing the hashtag #lucidilamuntagna and Luci di la Muntagna as location. 

The post on Facebook or Instagram should be a photography or video shot within the premises of the Hotel Luci di la Muntagna.

NOTE: Temussi S.r.l., manager of the Hotel Luci di la Muntagna, reserves the right to reuse the images and contents of participating users.

Conditions specific to the rewards.

  1. The free weekender at Hotel Luci di la Muntagna includes the accommodation for a maximum of 2 people at one of our rooms for 2 nights and includes breakfast. The prize does not include any extras such as tickets, parking spaces or airport transfers. Everything that is not declared, is excluded. Dates from 15th of July till 6th of September 2022 are excluded. 
  2. The bottle of sparkling wine will be BELLAVISTA ALMA 0,750cl or any other brand of a similar price tag at Lucina Restaurant & Bar.
  3. The sunglasses will be a choice of one of the models available at the L’Ottico in Bottega display at Hotel Luci di la Muntagna.

Please note, the winners will be eligible to exchange their reward with a €50 voucher for dining at LUCINA Restaurant and Bar.

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